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The WLMUN Secretariat

West Lake MUN has been held at Hangzhou International School for nearly 18 years. We are excited to once again invite schools throughout China to meet with us in person from November 8th - November 10th,  2024. 

At West Lake MUN, we are committed to providing delegates with a conference experience that is positive both inside and out. We believe that a good MUN experience relies on providing both new and experienced delegates with a supportive and enriching environment. Our goal is for students to take leadership roles, seek out mentorship, and be part of a fun and collaborative atmosphere. 

We invite you to join us in the mission to take a step forward and create positive changes in the world.

Debating. Discussing. Solving. Changing.

Secretary General
Jack Ma

Hello, I'm Jack Ma, currently serving as the Secretary-General for West Lake MUN. I embarked on my MUN journey with an eagerness to foster diplomacy and collaboration. In my role, I strive to unite the diverse talents within our student body, channeling our collective passion for global affairs into impactful debates and resolutions. As a junior in high school, I am committed to facilitating an inclusive and enriching MUN experience, where every delegate can contribute to shaping a world of understanding, cooperation, and positive change. Together, let us navigate the complexities of international relations and embrace the spirit of diplomacy in our MUN sessions. 

Deputy Secretary General
Elaine Lu

Hello all. My name is Elaine Lu, I am currently a junior at Hangzhou International School, and it is my honor to serve as your Co-Deputy Secretary General and senior coach for West Lake MUN 2024: One step back, two steps forward. I have participated in MUN conferences since 2020, and has developed a deep understanding of the intricacies of global issues and the dynamics of international relations. With a passion for international affairs and diplomacy, I would like to bring a wealth of experience and leadership to this role. As the Co-Deputy Secretary General, I would be responsible for overseeing the smooth operation and coordination of the conference. With an unwavering commitment to promoting diplomacy, global awareness, and the development of future leaders, I am dedicated to make the upcoming MUN conference a memorable and impactful experience for all participants. Looking forward seeing you all in November.

Deputy Secretary General,
Event Coordination
Preston Ren

Hello and welcome, everyone. My name is Preston, and I'm a 10th grader from

HangZhou International School; at the same time, I'm serving as deputy secretariat general for West Lake Mun this year. This is the first year I'm in charge of the secretariat for West Lake MUN. It is my pleasure to help create an excellent conference for all of us this year. Although I'm a new member of the secretariat, I will do my best to help all of your delegates have the most memorable conference in West Lake MUN!!! Hope to see all of you at the conference :)

Screen Shot 2024-02-26 at 9.01.56 PM.png
Admin Director
Allison Wang

Esteemed, delegates, student officers, and directors, welcome to the eighteenth iteration of West Lake Model United Nations! My name is Allison, and I am a freshman at Hangzhou International School. It is my honor to serve as your admin director for the WLMUN conference this year. Like many of you here I’ve spent many years in MUN as delegates, sitting at the desks with our placards; I started participating in MUN in sixth grade and over these years I have attended a total of ten conferences, three which I attended as a chair and two which I was part of the secretariat. MUN has always been a part of my student life for the past four years, allowing me to challenge myself, broaden my perspective on global issues, and meet new friends. I love being involved in MUN, and seeing a conference come together. Through conferences, I've shared so many unforgettable memories with chairs, delegates, and admin staff- and I am certain that this year's WLMUN will create another special memory of your MUN career. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us directly. We hope to see you all in November!

Event Coordination

Joey Lee

My name is Joey Lee, and I am currently serving as the Event Organizer for the Model United Nations (MUN) Secretariat at Hangzhou International School. As a sophomore,  I have already attended several conferences, which have provided me with valuable insights into the world of MUN. Last year's WLMUN conference, in particular, highlighted certain weaknesses that I am determined to address and improve upon this year. With my position as the Event Organizer, I am committed to ensuring a more seamless and engaging experience for all participants. By carefully analyzing the previous conference's shortcomings, I am implementing new strategies and initiatives to enhance delegate preparation, streamline committee procedures, and foster a more inclusive and collaborative environment. I believe that through effective organization, open communication, and a focus on continuous improvement, this year's WLMUN conference will be a transformative experience for all participants.


Public Relations

Rishi Aggarwal

My name is Rishi Aggarwal, and I am a sophomore at Hangzhou International School (HIS). Being born and raised in China, I have always had a deep appreciation for diverse cultures and global affairs. From the moment I joined HIS, I realized the potential of Model United Nations (MUN) as a platform to foster understanding, diplomacy, and collaboration among young minds. With my exceptional communication skills and a natural talent for social media management, I have taken on the crucial role of Social Media Manager in the MUN secretariat. As Social Media Manager, I utilize various platforms to raise awareness about MUN conferences, engage participants, and promote the values of diplomacy and global cooperation. I understand the significance of digital platforms in today's interconnected world, and I am dedicated to using them to make a positive impact in the MUN community.

Ruhi Gianchandani

I am Ruhi Gianchandani and I am a senior at HIS. I have been a part of MUN for 3 years and I am currently serving as the Public Relations Officer. I have always been passionate about debate and global affairs which is what makes me so interested in MUN. Over the past four years, I have been creating social media content of my own and along with this, I have also attended a social media content-creating workshop. These experiences have helped me gain skills and develop a knack for communication and digital content. Technology and social media have helped the entire world connect and that should be emulated in MUN too. Through social media and fostering communication, I'd like to take WLMUN to the next level during my last year at HIS.



Oliver Zhang

Hi, my name is Oliver Zhang. I am currently in 10th grade at Hangzhou International School and this is my 6th year in MUN. I been to more than 13 Model United Nations conferences and people who know me know I'm enthusiastic about history, politics and debating. I'm fully honored to take part in planning the WLMUN 2024 Fall Conference and I believe this will be extremely exciting for all of us! I intend to make the WLMUN Fall Conference a great learning experience for newcomers, but also a fun experience for more experienced delegates. I wish everyone a fantastic time during the conference.

Anna Zhao Karlsson

My name is Anna, and I am currently a 9th grader at Hangzhou International School. This year, I feel honored to be serving as the Junior coach and correspondence for West Lake MUN secretariat team. I have been participating in MUN for 4 years now, and I have also been apart of 10 MUN conferences and this will be my 11th conference. During the past 4 years of MUN at HIS and also other international schools had me improve myself a lot, training my English and public speaking skills as well as gaining more confidence and feeling more opened to meet new people that also has the same interest as me in MUN is probably going to be the best memories I would have for my years in middle and high school. Hope you guys would also be able to have more good memories after joining us at WLMUN, try to make as much speeches and POIs as possible, and most importantly try to make new friend and enjoy the conference!


Website Coordinators

Amber Lam

Hi everyone! I am a ninth grader at HIS this year, and I feel so honored to be attending this conference as part of the secretariat. This is my fourth year in MUN and 4th WLMUN conference. West Lake MUN was also the conference that brought me to see the wide, colorful world of Model United Nations. It has been a long, unique journey for me and has become a substantial part of my academic life. Through each challenge, each debate, and each conference, I have found something new to me. I hope WLMUN brings you the same joy and excitement it has to me! 

Divay Agarwal

Hello I’m Divay, I’m an 9th grader From Hangzhou International School. This is my 4th year doing MUN and honestly, it has been a substantial journey for me and everyone else who has contributed to molding me into who I am today. Overall I have been a part of 9 MUN Conferences. MUN has played an important role in my development of as a student, and West Lake Mun was indeed my first. So to all the newcomers I welcome you to our 2024 Westlake MUN with open arms and wish you guys all a fruitful debate for the duration here, and I sincerely wish all of your resolutions pass with the highest of degrees. Basically; have a great time. Sincerely Divay Agarwal.


Academic Team

Naomi Xia

Hello everyone. My name is Naomi, and I am attending Grade 9 at Hangzhou International School. I have been a part of the West Lake Secretariat for three years. As a Junior Coach, one of my jobs is assisting students in becoming fully engaged in the fast-paced speeches and POIs of a conference. Personally, I have always been enthusiastic about participating in MUN, and I wish to inspire similar interests in other students. I hope that my work in the Secretariat will ensure that West Lake MUN is a well organized and engaging conference where delegates can take part in intriguing conversations and develop diplomacy and speaking skills. In the coming WLMUN, I am looking forward to a thought-provoking discussion!

David Yang

I am David Yang, a sophomore at HIS. I have started participating in the MUN club of our school since sixth grade. I have participated in five MUN conferences as a delegate, one conference as a chair and a conference as an admin. I have won two best delegates in my MUN career. I have served as the secretary general of the HIS MUN club for one year and has also been the co-SG of West Lake MUN twice. 

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